About us

Our junk auto car removal service is the easiest and customer friendly. You only have to call us and ask for the pricing after explaining the condition of the car. Once we both are agreed upon the price, then you tell us the time and date for the pickup.
Sell your scrap car in seconds our local buyers will secure you the highest offer for your vehicle in the marketplace.

Scrap Vehicle Price

Do you have an old scrap car that you’re looking to get rid of? If so, you may find yourself wondering, “What is my scrap vehicle worth?” Though there isn’t an exact answer, because scrap prices are based on the quantity and makeup of metals in your car, which vary in every vehicle, we can provide you with an approximation.

Depending on the make, model, condition and metal content of your scrap vehicle, you might be able to expect anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to potentially upwards of one thousand dollars. So, based on a few key variables, you may be sitting on a nice pile of cash.

In order to find out just how much cash you might be sitting on,


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