It’s easy to boost profit from junk cars.

Profit from junk car

First, you need to understand the difference between scrap metal and a running car. Scrap metal is the metal that makes up your car—the frame, the engine, the tires, the wheels—all of it can be sold as scrap metal. But there’s no way to sell those parts individually; they’re not worth enough money by themselves to warrant the time it would take to separate them from each other and clean them up.

A running car is one that has been restored or repaired so that it runs reliably, even if it isn’t perfect. You can sell a running car for more than you could sell a broken down one because there are people who want cars that aren’t perfect but work well enough for their purposes—people who will spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a running car when all they wanted was something cheap for their kids or grandkids and ended up getting ripped off because they didn’t know any better!

So how do you find these people? They’re out there; they just don’t know how to find good deals on junk cars! That’s where we come in: we’ll help connect you with people who want your cars.

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